Friday, May 16, 2014

The Anticipation of Rain

The view from my bedroom window looks very different tonight.
The buildings are aligned in the same row as yesterday, and all the days before.
But every unit is aglow with light. A bright orange row after another and another.
In two sleeps I will be 8,000 miles away from my bedroom.
I'm going to Hong Kong with the love of my life.
(You've never seen me so happy)
Our first trip of many.
And next will be New York and Italy.
Oh the money I wish I had.
There's a great theory I had on love... It was sad and utterly terrible, and I hope for everyone’s sake I was wrong. Don't even ask me to tell you because I won't.
Now I have a new theory, it's unexplainable without the overuse of metaphors and feelings. So that I won't explain either.
But, there's a new wholeness that has filled up my bloodstream and rehydrated my body with the feelings I craved, the exact ones I've been malnourished of for so so long.
It's one akin to the delight of squeezing a bottle of baby powder, and being lightly fragranced with that scent.
It's a full moon tonight, but the truth is it's a full moon every night. Its phases are just based on our perception.
The tides however are caused by the moon's gravitational forces, tonight the ocean will experience a spring tide, not named after this perfect season, but instead because the water springs higher than normal when it is rolling to shore.
Don't lose my intention in thoughts, all I mean to suggest is that the world will spin madly on, with or without us. While I never hope I have to divulge the circumstances that life has brought me-- the circumstances on my mind--I pray for innocent people, lost souls, old friends and my mother.